Arabic Phonetic & Romanized Keyboard

No Custom Software. Just a new keyboard layout for Windows & Mac OS. Optimized for typing with vowels.

Price: Free, just دُعَاء

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Windows Installation


How it works

Arabic Phonetic Keyboard Layout uses the Windows built-in Language and Keyboard feature to introduce a new Keyboard for the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Language. Once you run the installer and reboot, you will notice a new keyboard is added to the language list. 

The keyboard Layout is created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

You can download the Keyboard Layout file and customize it as you like.

How is it better than others?

It uses the research done by the Intellaren group to make most frequently pressed keys easily accessible through regular keys, without pressing Shift or AltGr (Ctrl+Alt). 

Most forms of Alif and Hamza are easily accessible. Press A for ا, Shift A for أ, P for ٱ, Shift P for آ, G for ء

Other keys are Phonetic. For ex, S for س, Shift S for ش, D for د, Shift D for ض, J for ذ, Shift J for ج

Optimized for typing Vowels. 

Installation on Windows

That's it, start typing.

If you are using Windows 8, then it is even easier. Just press Windows Key + Space to switch between languages and keyboards. 


You might already have Arabic language installed. In that case, right click on the Language icon and click Settings. 

Then on the settings diaglog, select the "Arabic Phonetic Keyboard Layout" and click "Move Up" to make it the first item under Arabic.


Installation on Mac

Step 1: Download the Arabic Phonetic Keyboard bundle as a zip file.

Step 2: Open the zip file. You will find a file named "Arabic Phonetic.bundle"

Step 3: Copy the file.

Step 4: Press Command+Shift+G

Step 5: Put "~/Library/Keyboard Layouts"

Step 6: Paste the file inside that folder.

Step 7: Logout or restart (Don't email me that you can't see the keyboard without doing this)

Step 8: Now go to System Preference -> Keyboard -> Input Sources and add the Arabic Phonetic keyboard.

You can customize the Keyboard Layout by modifying the Ukelele file. 

You need Ukelele software to modify it. 

Tajweed Symbols are available through Ctrl+Alt combination or pressing the AltGr key (if you have it on your keyboard).

arabic keyboard install.mp4

Arabic Romanized Keyboard

Want to type ā ū ṭ Ṭ ḍ Ḍ ḥ Ḥ ẓ Ẓ ‘ ’ ʿ ’ easily? Install this English keyboard and then press Option + key to get the Romanized version

Option + a = ā

Option + s = ṣ

Option + Shift + a = á

Option + ' =

Option + [ = ʿ

Option + ] = ʾ

Download the keyboard file and follow the same steps as above to get the keyboard installed. 

It will be available in the Keyboard system preference Input Sources, under English language named "British - Arabic Romanized".